Our expertise in construction also allows us to renovate and repair both vinyl and concrete pools. New liners, new tile, plaster, coping and plumbing are just a few examples of renovations and repairs that can give your pool a new life and improve both its quality and functionality as well as provide more relaxation and fun each summer.

Our renovation process involves an in depth approach to understanding how best to address the needs and wishes of the customer.  We can then successfully complete a renovation that insures the pool meets all quality industry standards and provide the customer with the necessary improvements needed to improve the lifespan of each pool.

Possible Renovations include:

  • Resurfacing
  • New Tile, Coping or Deck
  • New Plumbing
  • Liner Replacement
  • Stair or Skimmer Replacement

No renovation project is too big or small as we are dedicated to finding timely solutions to rejuvenate your swimming pool and provide a quality product you can be happy with for years to come.